Privacy Policy

ValuAsia respects your privacy. Visitors to this website may be subject to the following types of information collection:

  1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics may be used to track visits to this website to try to understand site visitors, i.e. what they like and how the site can be made better for them. Google Analytics does not collect personal information. It simply tracks public visitor data like what pages on this webste were viewed, if a contact form was filled out by the visitor, what browser the visitor uses, etc. Google Analytics can be blocked either by disabling Javascript or by changing cookie settings in the browser settings. However, pretty much all major websites require Javascript and/or cookies to provide a richer user experience. More information on Google Analytics can be found here.
  2. Cookies – This site may be supported by advertising. To better serve you, various third party advertisements and/or web hosts may place and/or read cookies on your browser or use web beacons to collect information. In addition, if you visit this website using a mobile phone, cookie(s) and/or Javascript may be employed for the sole purpose of determining your preference between viewing the mobile or full version of the website. You can manage your cookie settings (options to accept/allow, settings to turn on/off, or complete removal) within your browser settings.
  3. Contact Form – Filling out this website’s contact form will email us any information you have entered and will be stored on our email account(s) and/or website server(s). This information will only be used to contact you via phone or email, to act on any message you send to us, and/or to visit your website, if made available, to better understand you and/or your business.

Your private information will not be passed on to third parties. We will not spam you with marketing emails.

We may contact you based on the information you provide if you contact us through email, phone or post.