With the heightening awareness that environmental quality is a scarce resource, the need to properly incorporate the environment in policy and decision making is becoming more relevant. This situation emphasizes the importance of environmental economics in policy and decision making. ValuAsia encourages less developed and developing countries in Southeast Asia to consider the environment in policy development and decision making endeavors.

ValuAsia accomplishes such an endeavor by being a conveniently ready database of environmental economics studies focusing on studies within the Southeast Asian region. It hopes to narrow the information gap that hinders policy makers from fully considering environmental factors in decision-making.

ValuAsia is open to future additions and/or revisions of whatever information it contains. It is envisioned to provide intelligent and practical solutions and answers to environmental economics study problems and needs of Southeast Asia.

ValuAsia is a repository of environmental values based on EEPSEA research. The studies are accessible by topic, environmental medium, country, analytical framework and study/publication date. The database is also fully-searchable.

How to Use ValuAsia

The following steps could help you start using the platform:

  • Search for studies. Using any of the available search boxes on the site, enter your search keywords, such as mangrove, or "resource management" -contingent. Double quotes let you search for an exact phrase, while using preceding a keyword with a dash searches for studies without that keyword. Phrases can be excluded likewise, i.e. air -"bird migration" will search for studies with the word air but without the phrase bird migration.
  • Sort through your search results. You will be presented with a list of studies that match your search criteria. This list of studies can be sorted by Environmental Medium, Country or Analytical Framework. From here, you could go straight to a study by clicking on its Focus, or you could scroll further down and refine your search.
  • Refine your search. ValuAsia comes with a full-featured dashboard that lets you conduct powerful searches through the options provided. You could cherry-pick your Environmental Medium, Country, Analytical Framework, and Dates in the options boxes, which allow multiple selections. Combine these options with an ANY or ALL search, a Refill and Start over functionality with a flexible combination of keywords and you have a powerful search facility to wield the platform with.
  • See the Study Brief. When you choose a study from your search result list, you will be taken to the study page, which displays all details you might find useful about the study in one spread. The Major Results will list all values published by the study automatically adjusted for inflation.
  • Capacity of this platform: Aside from performing price adjustments on the fly, the platform lists the medium, country, method, unit, dates, notes, full reference, full text, abstract, site characteristics and comments for each of all the studies published.

The studies presented in this database are research reports published by the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA). These studies reviewed in the archive are the sole property of their respective authors and/or affiliates. All corresponding rights reserved.